Dweller in the Bluff

First Session 12/8/2012

First Session

The first session began with the players learning about the game and discussing the character of the game itself. The Dresden Files RPG begins with creating a city as a setting and is a cooperative design that allows the players to contribute locations and the character of the city. Since this is our first time playing this game we took our time and discussed key locations around Omaha that reflect the supernatural and possible locations of high conspiracy and mystery.

Once the setting is hashed out we set to building characters. The characters may be either magic users or mundane with plenty of opportunity to change their minds later. I handed the players a plot hook and let them design their PCs around that.

It is May of 1983, school’s out for summer, schools out for..fuck-sake it’s still freezing. North-Central Omaha is just recovering from a winter of deep snow and high winds, the roads are clear, but the mess of mud infused snow still lines the edges of buildings and the shadier side of the grain elevators.

The cast:

Joe as Roland “Booger” Thompson. A street smart kinetomancer from the trailer park at the foot of the North Omaha power plant. 13 yrs old he has an observant mind and a host of infractions and school fights under his belt.

Anton as Victor “Oz” Schillinger. 3 schools in 3 years is not the Schillinger way. Or so his adopted mother tells him. Oz is the 14year old poster boy for wedgies and his tall lanky form makes him a target in crowds. He knows there’s something unusual about being able to see into people minds when starring them in the eyes, but only his friend Booger knows about it.

GM’s hint: think Stand By Me meets The Lost Boys.



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