Dweller in the Bluff

The Next 4 Sessions

Games 2-5 are being grouped into one post, because we learned much more about the game, but only a few days of in-game story was done.

The players hashed out their backgrounds; here is Joe’s take on it:

Roland learned of his kinetomantic powers at a young age. They usually manifest themselves through deep concentration. The first time he ever used his powers was when he “willed” a girl’s skirt to lift. The next greatest manifestation of his powers was when a friend was being bullied at school by a richer kid he “wished” the AC unit two stories up would fall on the bully’s head. It did and he died. This is a secret kept by Roland, though he did tell Baxter when he was told that you are not allowed to kill normal people with magic is a cardinal rule.
Oswald lost his family at a young age during a home invasion. He had been adopted a number of times and finally ended up with his current family when he was four or five. He was adopted to replace their “real” son who died somehow.
Roland and Oswald go to school together at Hummel Catholic School. They never really talked much, just knew of one another’s existence. They really met for the first time at Baxter’s Fried Chicken, Porn, and Magic shop. Roland was looking at magic tricks (Chinese finger traps, etc) and Oswald tried to touch a grimoire on the shelf. Baxter recognized the problem and intervened, touching Oswald. They accidentally soul gazed and it knocked Oswald to the ground. Baxter could sense the latent magic in both of them.

Baxter Chambers was introduced as the “Face” of Voodoo Chicken; a fried chicken joint representing one of North Omaha’s famous diners. In the entrance to the diner the proprietor has shelves of cheap magic tricks and a curtained back room that stores “real” books of magic.

“Oz” nearly soul gazes with Baxter Chambers after he tries to touch one of the real magic books in the back room. Baxter sternly reprimands him, only to find out that Oz did not know others had the soul gaze he and Roland have.

Baxter gives the boys a talkin’ to and informs them that the soul gaze is dangerous and that they need to control themselves or they may accidentally hurt someone. He notes that this is a violation of several yet unnamed laws that will get them into trouble. He suggests that they run an errand for him.

The Errand

Baxter’s family is old in the New World and has a long history of magic users. Despite their experience they have been targeted several times by competitors seeking to take their secrets for their own. One such competitor is the infamous Deckabooters, a family of ritual arcanists that are suspected of breaking the laws of magic by enthralling the living and dead alike. Unbeknownst to the boys the Deckabooters have so much ritual power that even callign on their true name can have magic effect. Baxter tells the boys that if they can spy on the Deckabooter’s Friday night party he will teach them some control.

The boys sneak off to the Deckabooter house, which is a large home with several additions surrounded by a auto scrap yard in South-eastern, North Omaha. The boys crawled through a hole in the compounds fence and peered through a window. They could see a white man and a black man arguing, but the window was to dirty to make out details. As they hid in the bushes, a pizza delivery boy walked up. Oz, deceived the pizza boy and paid for the pizza. They approached the door and rand the bell. A tall, well dressed black man answered and invited the boys in, asking that they not touch anything, but set the pizza out on the table. He then walked off, leaving money behind.
Inside the house raucous old-time jazz music could be heard from behind a set of sliding doors. The boys split up, Roland sneaking up to the sliding doors and stealthily listened through a crack to the white man speaking about legal matters. Oz laid out the pizza and noticed unusual symbols on the buffet table. Using his third eye, he discovered that the food on the table had been warded in some way that he did not understand. He then sneaked towards the back of the house and kitchen. Inside the kitchen a black woman washed dishes, when she turned around he met only filmy, grey eyes that stared at nothing in particular. The enthralled woman ignored him and
went back to washing dishes.
Both boys searched the first floor, the stairs up were too creaky to climb, so they passed through a pantry and found stares to the basement. In the basement a ritual circle occupied half of the space, with tapestries marked with large arcane symbols on the eight points around the circle. A table with instruments and books was arranged near the stairs. The boys decided to steal seven of the books and Roland took a chalk pen that was carved with ornate symbols. Roaln copied down the symbols for later use.
The boys escaped up the stairs and out the door back they way they came, but before they could get through the fence, a vicious dog grabbed Oz’s leg. Without so much as a struggle Oz kicked the dog and sent it flying, shocking them both with his feat of strength. They made their escape and headed back to Baxter’s Voodoo Chicken.

First Session 12/8/2012
First Session

The first session began with the players learning about the game and discussing the character of the game itself. The Dresden Files RPG begins with creating a city as a setting and is a cooperative design that allows the players to contribute locations and the character of the city. Since this is our first time playing this game we took our time and discussed key locations around Omaha that reflect the supernatural and possible locations of high conspiracy and mystery.

Once the setting is hashed out we set to building characters. The characters may be either magic users or mundane with plenty of opportunity to change their minds later. I handed the players a plot hook and let them design their PCs around that.

It is May of 1983, school’s out for summer, schools out for..fuck-sake it’s still freezing. North-Central Omaha is just recovering from a winter of deep snow and high winds, the roads are clear, but the mess of mud infused snow still lines the edges of buildings and the shadier side of the grain elevators.

The cast:

Joe as Roland “Booger” Thompson. A street smart kinetomancer from the trailer park at the foot of the North Omaha power plant. 13 yrs old he has an observant mind and a host of infractions and school fights under his belt.

Anton as Victor “Oz” Schillinger. 3 schools in 3 years is not the Schillinger way. Or so his adopted mother tells him. Oz is the 14year old poster boy for wedgies and his tall lanky form makes him a target in crowds. He knows there’s something unusual about being able to see into people minds when starring them in the eyes, but only his friend Booger knows about it.

GM’s hint: think Stand By Me meets The Lost Boys.


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